Hall of Fame architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet has opened a new 3900 square-foot showroom at 29 West 30th Street, 6th Floor, to showcase Rottet Collection furniture line. The exciting new design environment gives expression to Rottet’s deft hand, whether in a residential, commercial or hospitality setting. Each piece is a thoughtful expression of art and function inspired by the Light and Space movement and Rottet’s art and architecture background. 

Creating visual movement by the manipulation of light and materials (Light and Space Artists) and form (Cubist Artists) the underlying design theme that runs through the collections: Cubist, Float, and Structured.


The textiles, materials, and finishes have been painstakingly selected to be coordinated with each other, saving designers hours in the library searching for a leather to match a mohair or sheepskin. This months long task of reviewing fabrics, woods, lacquers, and metals initially began from Lauren's personal experience and noticing how much time her team lost.


Makers around the world are selected based on the highest quality of craftmanship.


Lauren Rottet has a decades long history of working with the best craftsmen around the world and has a passion for constantly searching out new. Through these collaborations, the team at Rottet Collection works with top artisans to create products that are exclusive to Rottet Collection.

"For now, and forever, indoors or out, powerful, durable, and inspiring. Manufactured by the finest makers worldwide. Designed to be passed on for generations."