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Pulitzer Prize winner and acclaimed architectural critic, Paul Goldberger, explains in the forward message "Lauren Rottet has a gift for making things resonate, for bringing spaces alive in unexpected ways—for making the simple seem rich and complex, and for making the ornate seem cool and serene." Authentic Design categorically explores the diverse work of Lauren Rottet over the past fifteen years through various design lenses-Modern, Minimal, Beaux-Arts / Classical, Mediterranean, Hand-Crafted and Theatrical —to conjure up more emotional intensity than you ever thought possible. Immerse yourself in a journey through time as Authentic Design provides a detailed tour through some of the most fabulous homes, hotels, offices and cruise ships around the world in the first double-cover book published by Rizzoli.

Signed copies available upon special request for an additional $25. Please contact for more details and to include a personalized note from Lauren.