Cherishing Future Heirlooms

Ulla Johnson PreLoved was created to renew the lives of our thoughtfully crafted ready-to-wear and accessories, and to deepen our commitment to making fashion more sustainable, ethical and better for the planet. Finding a new home for your pre-loved Ulla Johnson designs helps us help the earth—one garment at a time.

Just 3 Easy Steps


To create your listing, identify your item from our catalogue. We will recommend a listing price based on your item’s condition and the original value, but you can also set your own price within a range.


When a buyer purchases your item, you will receive a prepaid USPS shipping label via email. Apply the label to your package and drop off at your nearest post office.


Once the buyer receives and accepts the item, you can select your method of payout. You will receive 70% of the resale price if you choose direct payment, or 100% in store credit towards your next purchase at