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plastic, tissue paper, wire, cardboard tubes, sheath core, vinyl

Suzanne Tick

Matter is entirely composed of parts of disposable dry cleaning hangers. Suzanne Tick collected, compiled, deconstructed then wove the parts together. The multiple media creates a shimmering, living effect in person. 

Artist Bio

Suzanne Tick provides an intelligent perspective and conviction to the ever-evolving art and design industry. A fourth generation recycler, Tick’s life work is centered around exploring new materials and reinventing manufacturing methods. Her textiles signify an effortless union between her age-old weaving techniques and the latest technology, solidifying her as a master of her craft.

From the beginning, Tick spent summers in her father’s scrap recycling yard sorting metals and exploring the possibilities in the cast-offs of rural life. At the University of Iowa, Tick began as a printmaker, etching fabric and texture onto copper plates. She left as a weaver, combining materials both hard and soft. Tick’s life and work have always been a narration of balance and her woven works harness the struggles of life, resulting in textiles that are both delicate and strong. She investigates found materials. As Tick states, “weaving holds everything together, materials and life, successes and failures.”

Her recent commissions explore innovation through transformation of refuse materials into woven sculptures with deep personal meaning. Her work has been exhibited in MoMA, Cooper Hewitt, MAD and Art Basel, as well as collected by private and corporate clients. Suzanne’s TedXNavesink Talk: “Weaving Trash into Treasure” presents her unique and personal approach to hand weaving.